Please, make yourself comfortable. I’m ready when you are. Music please, time.

Judges, a very warm welcome, I’m Chad.
评审们, 非常欢迎您,我是王策

My perception of coffee was changed last year through opportunities in tasting, and that’s how I realized how memory makes up a coffee.

Today I wish to connect the coffee, the barista and the guest.

First, I warm the cups for my guests with hot water.

And now I invite you to open up your perception and to memory a new horizon.

We began, with no. 227, the coffee that I picked for you as of 300 coffees on the cupping table in Panama last month.

The Ninety Plus Geisha Estate is located in Volcan , Silla de Pando.
Ninety Plus 庄园位于Volcan , Silla de Pando产区

It’s 182 hectares with over a third coverage of a tall wild shade.

It’s hot in the day due to the high altitude of 1800 hundred meters

Cold in the night from the midst of the Pacific Ocean.

Temperature ranges from 8 degrees to 30 degrees with humidity of 80%.Conditions produce superior Geisha cherries.

Lives flourish on this beautiful land where 200 pickers and their families called home.

And here your menus, the ladies first,

Judges, I’ll be giving you some information today but please don’t rush to make notes.

You can take the menu backstage and compare notes later.

For this ten minutes, please enjoy my presentation.

For my coffee, purple Geisha cherries 227 where hand-picked in mid-January.

Fermented in a glass box under constant low temperature in a dark room

Dried over a single layer slowly for 21 days in the blue room, a new processing.
平铺在日晒床上大约 1 层的厚度,历经 21 天的阳光曝晒

But why is this relevant?

Please imagine that picking a uniform color cherry ensures a clean cup.
请想像: 选择统一颜色的咖啡樱桃可以确保一杯风味纯粹的咖啡

Fermentation breaking down sugar to produce lactic acid and aromatic ester compounds which you will taste as pineapple acidity.

Processing information are valuable to purchaser of course but I believe that some are relevant to you the guest if the barista can help you connect and relate to the coffee you’re served.
Our connection begins with roasting, my roaster Yu Qing roasted the coffee right here in Budapest.
我们的连结从烘培开始,我的烘豆师Yu Qing直接在布达佩斯烘豆

She roasted 3 days ago, to Agtron 70/87 for 9:20.
她在3天前烘完,利用 Agtron 焦糖仪量测出来的是 70/8

The profile gives “honey-like" sweetness and complexity to the cup.

As a brewer, I search for the best brew method for each and every coffee.

I chose the ceramic V60 because it’s temperature stable and it highlight the dynamic acidity from hot to cold making my brew more sophisticated.

I used filter paper for clarity in the cup, I pre wet the paper backstage and allowed my V60 to cool to room temperature because bring on cold ceramic enhances the intensity in the aromas of my brews.

This is our second connection.

I sealed my grind coffee in a dark glass bottle to reduce oxidation of light and air exposure.

And my recipe for today: 15 grams of coffee to 250ml of water to brew 220 ml of beverage.

I’m using fine grind and you can see the grind size right here on the menu.

This increases the viscosity on the body.

And I also brought my own water.

It was filtered to remove impurities and add magnesium for natural sweetness.

It’s 70 TDS ph 6.8 and it gives my brew a soft matte feel and clean finish.
水质在TDS 70, PH值6.8 会给我的咖啡一种滑顺且干净的口感

Kettle was set at 93 degrees which means the pouring temperature is 92 for optimum density and kinetic.


By this I mean the movement of bubbles and the weight of the water which affects the extraction.

I re-infused for 30 seconds to enhance the sweet acidity.

And after pre-infusion, I pour steadily down the center to avoid any unnecessary turbulence of my grinds.

Both kettles are full of water for stability and temperature.

And I brew three at once so I can serve them at the same time.

Total time would be 2 minutes for a clean cup.

Target TDS 1.42 for intensity and aroma, and flavor.
为了强度,香味和口感会把设在1.42 TDS

Judges, while I brew, please turn over your menus thank you.

You’ll find a summary of recollections today

Relax, and enjoy the music.

Thank you for waiting.

It never ceases to amaze me how coffee changes with temperature.

Thus, I give you 2 profiles for this coffee. Let’s go through the cup profile while the coffee is hot while referring to your menu.Please turn over your menu again.

As you see here, in the aroma, first, you will find melon, followed by mixed on fruits like peach, apricot, sweet butterscotch and floral hibiscus in the end.

And the flavors overwhelming with melon, followed by white peach, fresh orange blossom, sweet dark caramel finish and in the after taste, exotic kiwi which turns to banana liqueur and pink grapefruit finish.

Please take a moment to observe the coffee pod, you’ll see that all of heights are the same for consistency. I used 15 grams of coffee today for the coffee pods be 7 centimeters with 4 centimeters triangular solid cone, the best height and thickness to balance the acidity and body.
请花一点时间来观察咖啡渣的样子,您会发现牠们的高度都是一致的,我使用15克的咖啡粉冲煮出7公分和4公分的三角锥型,是平衡稠度 和酸度的最佳高度和厚度

And now we move on to tasting, our third connection.

Your tasting instructions are right here on the menu. I first circle the carafe to assess the aroma. Please.

And you can take the carafe And swirl. Please swirl. Thank you. Gentleman, take your time while I prepare your cups.

Moving on, when assessing flavor and acidity, please use your cupping spoon.

For body and aftertaste, drink directly from the cup and because you’ll be drinking from the cup, I create the cold thermal system with hot water and cloth.

The room will be warm for you to serve and when the coffee is warm, you’ll find more tropical fruits, like mango. The after taste, more sweet, citrus fruits, like blood orange.

The acidity is medium to high in intensity, sweet like peach first, and then turn bright to vibrant pineapple.

The body, medium intensity, smooth texture. This coffee is very balanced with sweetness and acidity and overall, it’s a very sophisticated cup.

Fruity, rich when hot; clean, transparent when warm. Judges, this coffee is truly amazing, so apart from your evaluation, please enjoy it.

And as we come to an end, I’d like to leave you with a thought of what drinking filter coffee really means for me.

Connections from farm to guest, a good barista doesn’t just make good coffee. We sensed and we connect. We remind ourselves why coffee is our lives, for holding the warmth. I’m Chad, it was pleasure to brew for you. Time.
从庄园到客人之间的连结,一位好的吧台师不只会冲煮一杯好的咖啡,我们发掘并连结,我们提醒我们自己为什么咖啡是我们的生命: 将温暖捧在手里。我是王策,很荣幸能为您冲煮。请结束计时。

专业顾问: 陈永铮
P.s. 因为是人工听写,虽然尽力了但还是有很多地方没有听出来,真的很抱歉,也希望如果有听出来错误的朋友们可以留言指正,谢谢!